Video Tapes to DVD


The Problem – Your tapes are fading!

If you’re like most families, you’ve probably got boxes of old VHS movies, 8mm or Mini-DV videotapes stuffed into an attic or closet just collecting dust. With each passing day, the precious images they contain are more and more at risk. The truth is, these outdated formats weren’t intended to last forever. With exposure to time, humidity, sunlight, wear and tear, the images will begin to degrade and fade, losing their original color, clarity, audio or can even be lost entirely!

From weddings and family vacations to baby’s first steps and graduations, an old videotape is a treasure trove of memories. Don’t let your tapes disappear with time—let Keepsake Media Group perform VHS to DVD conversions, transferring your piles of antiquated VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini-DV and MicroMV tapes into long-lasting DVDs that can be watched again and again. We use state-of-the-art recording equipment to ensure the best possible transfer for each video tape, and can even add extras such as captions, animation, music, and other special effects to give those memories an even more lasting impression.

The Price – We make it affordable to convert all your treasured memories!



Tapes to DVD: All consumer formats start at only $9.95 per tape of 2 hours or less.
If your tape is longer than 2 hours, it is an additional $9.95 per 2 hours of video you want to convert.
Ex: A tape of 4 hours would be $9.95 x 2 = $19.90





Tapes to Digital File: A digital file (mp4) can be made for only $15.95, you will need to supply a hardrive or usb flash drive big enough to hold the file/s.
Note: As a general rule you should have 4 GB worth of storage space per 2 hours of video to be digitized.
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The Formats – We can do anything and everything you bring us!



Year Introduced: 1976

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: VHS tapes are best if they were recorded in the Standard Play mode or SP. The length of the tape can be determined by the number after the “T” in the model number. For example, most consumer VHS tapes are T-120 which means that they can either be 120 minutes (best quality), 240 minutes or 360 minutes (lowest quality)



Super-VHS (S-VHS)

Year Introduced: 1987

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: Super-VHS are higher resolution and have better audio capabilities than regular VHS. Note: Regular VHS VCR’s will not play Super-VHS, however Super-VHS will play regular VHS. For example, most consumer Super-VHS tapes are T-120 which means that they can either be 120 minutes (best quality), 240 minutes or 360 minutes (lowest quality)



Year Introduced: 1985

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: Same quality as VHS. Very popular camera format due to the reduced size of VHS-C (C stands for compact) however an adapter was required to view in a VCR, as no standalone VCR was made to play VHS-C. Standard runtime of 30 minutes, can be as long as 90 minutes at the loss of quality.



Year Introduced: 1975

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: Betamax was a direct competitor to VHS. While VHS eventually won the consumer market war, the quality of Betamax is significantly superior to VHS. That may be why Sony went on to win the professional tape market with their Betacam series of broadcast tapes which we also transfer to DVD. Beta tapes can either be recorded in B1 (rare) running 1.5 hours. B2 running 3 hours or B3 running 4.5 hours.



Year Introduced: 1983

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: The first of the 8mm family, regular 8mm tapes changed the consumer marketplace forever. Although 8mm tapes comfortably outperformed the VHS & Betamax the main attraction to consumers was the ability to hold a camera in one hand. Thus the era of small video camcorders began. Normally 2 hours long.



Year Introduced: 1990

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: The second generation of the 8mm family, Hi-8 tapes offered performance & quality advantages over most other consumer media. Introduced to compete with the addition of Super-VHS, it was a smaller alternative to the larger S-VHS format. Normally 2 hours long.


Digital8_NewDigital 8

Year Introduced: 1999

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: The third generation of the 8mm family, Digital 8 tapes offered dramatic performance & quality advantages over previous generations of 8mm tapes and all other consumer formats prior. Digital 8 camcorders recorded onto Hi-8 tapes as there was not a tape specifically designated as Digital 8. Note: Most Digital 8 devices will playback Hi-8 & regular 8mm tapes, however Hi-8 & 8mm machines will not playback Digital 8 tapes. Normally 2 hours long.



Year Introduced: 1996

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: With the introduction of Mini-DV came mini-camcorders. Finally you could sit and film with a camera that fit in the palm of your hand. Other than the size difference, there was no real advantage to filming home movies on this format from a quality perspective. Normally 1 hour long.



Year Introduced: 2001

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.



Description: MicroMV is 70% smaller than Mini-DV giving it the record of smallest videotape format ever! It was relatively short lived but it did record in the same format as DVDs (Mpeg2) which gives it a slight quality advantage. However, the smaller tape size did lead to lost or damaged tapes, plus the camcorders were subject to malfunctions. If you are one of the lucky people to have been on the bleeding edge of technology with MicroMV, we can help reel you back to shore. Normally 1 hour long.


PAL_ConversionPAL & SECAM to NTSC Conversion

Price: $9.95/tape – Tapes longer than 2 hours are subject to additional charges.


Description: We can currently convert VHS & SVHS PAL & SECAM tapes to NTSC DVD or digital file. We can also convert PAL DVDs to NTSC DVDs, the price is still only $8.95/DVD. If you have another tape format that you need transferred, give us a call or email us as we may be able to help you out.
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The Process – Professional digitalization at an amazingly low price!


Friendly: We here at Keepsake Media Group promise to greet you with a smile and treat you with dignity and respect. We know what it is like to feel like a number in a crowd; you won’t have to worry about that with us! We look forward to calling you by name, answering any questions you may have and helping guide you through every step of the process.


Organized: The first thing we do when you drop off your memories is label every tape, reel, etc., with your last name. This way there is never any confusion as to what belongs to whom. Second we then place everything you bring us into your own sealed container to protect your memories from getting lost or damaged.


Professional: After getting organized we can begin the transfer of your memories to CD, DVD, digital file or the cloud. We use only the best professional equipment to transfer your family memories, ensuring the best quality and the ability to fix or repair almost any type of damage.


Value: Your transfer includes:

  • Chapters: Every 5 minutes making searching for your favorite scenes a breeze!


  • Labeling: On our standard transfer package we label your DVDs with whatever is on the tape printing right on the DVD, no-stick on labels here, so you never forget what’s on your DVD!


  • Quality Case: Your DVDs will be stored in a sturdy clear DVD case keeping your discs safe from scratches, drops or spills.


  • Gold Disc: As an upgrade we can master your memories onto a gold disc is archival quality guaranteed to last 100 years or more!


Speedy: Some companies have trouble turning transfers to DVD or digital file in a timely manner simply because they only have a few VCRs that they use to convert a few select formats. We on the other hand not only convert every format, but we have an army of professional equipment to handle even the largest orders. So whether you have 1 tape or 5,000 tapes we are the company that can get your memories back in your hands faster than the other guys!

The Location – Carmel, IN – All work done at our location!



We are located in the Kirby Park East Building, Just west of Rangeline road and just east of the Monon Trail Bridge that runs over Carmel Drive. We are on the second floor in the north east corner of the building in suite 271.

Hours of Operations:

Monday – Friday

9am to 5pm


Our Address:

160 W. Carmel Dr.

Suite 271 (Second Floor, North East Corner)

Carmel, IN 46032


Our Security:

24 Hour Surveillance

Multiple Alarm Systems

Your tapes NEVER leave our facility!

Getting Started – So easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!

Step 1:
Local Customers – Gather all your family memories you want to convert to DVD or Digital File.
Out of Town Customers– Please Click Here
Step 2:
Drop off at our secure location. (Direction Above)
Step 3:
We digitize and preserve your memories, to ensure the best possible quality.
Step 4:
We return your finished DVDs and all originals. It’s that easy.

The Extras – So much more than “just a transfer”!

Packaging Upgrades:

BASIC Transfer Package ($8.95 per tape) Includes:
*Professional Tape to DVD Transfer
*White Disc (Write your own label with permanent marker!)
*Paper Sleeve



Standard_Transfer_CaseStandard ($12.95 per tape) Transfer Package Includes:
*Professional Tape to DVD Transfer
*Chapter Points Every 5 Minutes
*Beautifully Printed DVD Disc
*Clear DVD Case (Space saving design!)





Custom Chapters: Want chapters that line up exactly with the events you love and remember? We can create customized chapter points at whatever location you wish. Custom Chapters start as low as $25.





Custom Music: Want to spice up your video with some special music? No problem, bring in your music or select from our vast library of royalty free titles and we can add it to your tape starting as low as $25.



Custom Menus: Weddings and special videos deserve more than just a simple button to start the show. Add an elegantly designed custom menu to your DVD transfer starting as low as $25.



Professional Cleaning & Repair:

TapeChek_490_VHS_CleanerVHS Cleaning: VHS are getting really old. As they age they start to get “dropouts”, these dropouts appear as lines or “snow” on the tape. Help reduce and eliminate these dropouts so that you have the best transfer possible. Our Tapechek 490 is a state of the art machine designed to reduce dropouts and analyze your tape. For an additional $5 we can professionally clean your VHS tape so that you get the best possible quality.




Tape Repair: Sometimes VCRs eat tapes and other times tapes just go bad and break, snap, stick, crack, get ran over by the car or eaten by the dog. In any case we can help you repair your tape so it can be transferred to DVD or digital file. Starting as low as $10/repair.





Disc Repair: CDs, DVDS & Game Discs are all very expensive if purchased commercially, yet they all scratch relatively easily. If you or someone you know is having trouble playing back a favorite movie, video or game. Have them give us a call to have their disc professionally restored back to brand new condition. Just as good as the day they bought it; maybe even better! Only $5/disc.





Editing: Almost all of us have either blank space, shaky footage or scenes of our accidentally recorded feet on our tapes. Let us help you remove that unwanted footage and create a DVD that only has the best of your tapes with none of the garbage. Editing starts as low as $25/disc. Give us a call today to learn more. 317-843-9335.

Why Convert Tapes to DVD? – It’s well worth the investment!

• They last significantly longer, lasting for 100 years or more when handled and stored properly.
• After the VCR to DVD conversion, your new discs can be played on standard DVD players as well as new HD and Blu-Ray players, ensuring that you can enjoy them even after your next equipment upgrade.
• You can easily jump forward and backward to different tracks, making it easy to jump to a specific event without having to fast-forward or rewind.
• For an upgrade your finished product will come complete with a Clear DVD case and printed disc.
• Optional menu-driven format comes complete with custom chapter points (i.e. wedding vows, first kiss, first dance, etc.) set to your specifications.
• DVDs can be easily and affordably duplicated to give as gifts to the whole family or to distribute as unique party favors.

Experience the Keepsake Difference – You’ll be glad you did!

At Keepsake Media Group, we’ve done thousands of VHS to DVD conversions. There’s a reason our customers turn to us instead of trying to do the conversions themselves at home. We have access to state-of-the-art VHS transfer equipment and discs that ensure premium quality, cross-player compatibility, and the professional touches that make all the difference. We also provide exceptional turnaround time, since every tape is transferred on location we are able to turn most jobs around in less than 1-2 weeks, with small jobs completed in as soon as 48 hours.

Our VHS to DVD conversions are surprisingly affordable, starting at just $9.95 for a tape of 2 hours or less.

Contact us today to bring your treasured memories into the 21st century! 317-843-9335